Individual Nutrition Counseling

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

Steve Maraboli

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Diets, don’t work! The word “diet” contains the word “die” in it. Your mindset around food must be a loving relationship in order for it to work its best magic and keep you thriving. Food is fuel, but food is also a strong medicine. What you are nourishing yourself with is either contributing to your health and longevity or causing dis-ease (disease). Fueling your body with proper nutrition, supplementation and proper forms of exercise is crucial for a thriving physical body.

Proper nutrition plays a large contributing factor to weight loss, hormone balance, fat loss and overall confidence. I do not believe one style of eating fits everyone. I believe each and every individual is different and it is my guidance that will help you discover that. I don’t believe in eating strictly vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Whole30, Atkins, Weight Watchers food, ketogenic, etc, but rather moderation and balance between all these different ways of eating.

Mindset is everything; change your mindset, change your life. Your attitude, not your environment, is the deciding factor of your experiences and outcomes. Learning the root of your self-sabotaging tendencies, will help you understand why you think the things you think and act on the things you act on. Once you are able to identify these patterns and triggers, your mindset will drastically change; due to addressing the root cause of your behaviors. Cultivating an appropriate mindset is very similar to training a muscle, but the great news is, you have the ability to change this at any point.

I help you discover the layers of your intuition that have yet to be discovered. We all have had those moments where your intuition (gut) tells you one thing, but your mind tells you another. It’s no accident our minds typically take over this process and void our gut feelings; thus leaving us in doubt, worry and stress. When you learn to honor your intuition, hear and acknowledge those promptings, the mind is able to relax and sit back —as our intuition knows best.

You will begin to notice how “things” fall into place. People, places and things are placed in your life for a reason. Synchronicities become normal. Loving and like minded people radiate towards you.

Program Outline:

  • Identify what is actually going on and why doctors won’t tell you what it is that’s actually going on in your body
  • Become an expert at achieving your health and wellness goals through specific goal setting
  • Learn the signs from your body that it’s asking for a detox -Learn why you must care for yourself, first
  • Identify when you must slow down and learn techniques to subside anxiety
  • Learn why EVERYTHING starts in the gut.
  • Master your own version of food elimination and finally learn why the typical elimination diet does not work for YOUR body
  • Learn the real deal on fermented foods
  • Understand the science behind exactly why your beauty products are DISRUPTING and SILENTLY KILLING your hormones
  • Identify where anxiety stems from: It’s easier than we make it out to be
  • Understand why you need a sleep routine and if there is a thing such as “making up sleep”
  • Define your version of meditation and why it works best on your terms
  • Empower yourself to understand how to make decisions for your individual body
  • Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, bio-identicals, tapping (not tapping your problems away)

What You’ll Receive:

  • Welcome Information: Package/Orientation -1 Initial 90 Minute Phone call or Zoom
  • 4 1 hour coaching calls: During duration of program.
  • Weekly email check-ins: Once a week
  • PDF’s Assignments
  • Text access during program
  • Private Facebook Group access
  • Email support during program

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