30 Days To Healthy Living

Living healthy is really living. It’s about finding a sustainable lifestyle, not making radical changes that are unrealistic for you, your schedule and/or your interests. The challenge is that most people don’t understand what the term “healthy living” really means and every individual has a very different understanding of the word “healthy. If you can’t define a goal, it can be challenging to achieve success. For some, the definition of healthy living includes things such as bean sprouts for breakfast, grueling pre-dawn jogs, and lettuce-leaf lunches. Healthy living isn’t about eliminating all of the foods you love or pushing your body to unhealthy limits. It’s about finding a balance between the physical, emotional, nutritional, and motivational elements in your life.

Science has shown that simple choices such as vegetables, fiber filled carbohydrates, lean meats or vegetarian protein sources, along with plenty of water and a limited intake of alcohol and caffeine, form a great foundation for a balanced diet. Cutting down on things like unhealthy fats, refined white sugars/breads, and processed foods can also help contribute to healthy lifestyle changes.

Healthy living and making positive lifestyle changes aren’t about nutrition alone! Activity plays a key role in feeling your best and living your best life, but that doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or spending hours each day in a gym (this actually causes long term hormonal and cellular damage). To start with, it can be as simple as moving more than you did the day before. Even a short walk can provide you with physical and many physiological benefits. These are the types of simple, realistic, sustainable changes that can directly affect your weight, mood, attitude and general sense of well-being.

This program incorporates four pillars for success, which include:

Nutrition: Successful weight maintenance is based on establishing a healthy relationship with food based on balanced choices along with portion control and regular physical activity. With the proper nutrition, your body will function at its best, giving you more stamina and energy for the things you want to do.

Activity: Regular physical activity, even in small amounts, can give you more energy and help you feel more alert. Exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular function and reduce your risk of certain health conditions and reduce the aging process.

Rest: A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in how good you feel. Try to go to sleep at a consistent time each day that will allow you to wake up. Count eight hours back, from the time you need to wake up; that is your bed time. Your body will function at its best when you provide it with adequate time to rest and restore every day

Attitude: Many people don’t realize it, but your emotional response affects your physiological function. Try to minimize stress as much as possible and have a positive attitude in what you’re doing. These are key points when it comes to creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle for the long term. Remind yourself that even small behavioral changes can produce big improvements in how you think and feel.

A healthy lifestyle is meant to give your mind and body the physical and mental assets to live your life to the fullest. You don’t see overnight results from the changes that you are making but know that over time, the results will appear, but more importantly, you will feel better — both physically and emotionally — when you commit to healthy living.

This Program Contains:

  • Beneficial nutrition in a convenient, easy to consume form
  • Access to continual coach support available with weekly check-ins
  • Goal setting: Focus on accountability which results in long term sustainability
  • Personal profile page to document motivation, measurements and photos
  • Knowledge, along with tools to set goals, create a realistic plan, and self-monitor your way to success
  • Optimize your metabolism, digestion, and skin health
  • Achieve increased energy, reduce brain fog, and radiate from the inside out
  • Solutions for cleansing, detoxing, weight loss, and other targeted products to meet individual nutritional needs for you.
  • 7 days of sample meal plans, activities and nutritional supplements
  • Goal setting sheets for focus and accountability over the initial 30-day period and beyond
  • Meal planning guidelines, tips and tools
  • 3 steps to making healthier food choices
  • Healthy snack and beverage options to satisfy cravings and maintain satiety
  • Education and information on making healthier food choices
  • Activity inspirations and planning

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