How Margaux Can Help Transform Your Health

From an early age Margaux took an interest in cooking. Writing her first childhood cookbook at age six, she wanted other children to eat as healthy as she was. Upon graduating Johnson & Wales University with a Associates of Arts in Culinary Arts and a Bachelors of Science in Culinary Nutrition she began to find her passion for holistic nutrition. Having been raised in a holistic home her passion for wellness became even greater when faced with her own serious health challenge.

About Me

I combine the best of science and nutrition, while helping you tap into your intuition.

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Coaching Services

Transform your life mind body and soul with one of my coaching programs.

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Work With Me

Reduce your cravings, heal your gut (where neurotransmitters are made), and find whole body balance..

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“I went from restricting everything and being super closed off and not trusting anyone, to being able to sit down and eat with her and be open to new foods. She respected my needs at the time and really helped me to see there is another side to nutrition. Not only did she help me with my restricting, but she also helped me emotionally, she showed me and taught me that we’re was hope, she didn’t give up on me. The things that she gave me and the inspiration that is she to me is unexplainable.

She showed me that dedication and hard work, especially through the battles can be done. She helped shape who I am today and I am forever grateful. She is part of the reason and such an influence that helped me get my life back from the monster that stole who I was.”

Alyssa M.

“I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life on a personal journey to living a healthy life style. I spent years in self study and research trying to figure it all out. I am so glad to have met Margaux 4 years ago and to share a common interest in fueling our bodies the right way. However, there is a very big difference between the two of us. While I carry a passion for healthy food (as does she), she has immense knowledge about all the “sciencey” stuff I can never wrap my head around on my own.

Her intelligence excels beyond anyone I know. She understands the intricate details to best serve you and your body. While she specializes in hormone healing for those that suffer from endo, etc. it doesn’t limit her from those that seemingly don’t have “hormone issues”. I have a very clean diet and exercise 3-5 times per week and would assume that my insides were all running as expected.. NOPE! I did a 7 day cleanse through Margaux, and low and behold my liver was working overtime!! I had no idea but she knew!

We discovered a few other things too and she helped me with supplement choices. There’s not another person I would trust as much as I trust her. She’s BETTER than google; She’s Margaux and she magical!”

Alyssa S.